Self Storage for your hobby

Life today is fast-paced and busy, and most of us like to relax and unwind with a hobby or other leisure activity.

Our hobbies come in all shapes and sizes, but many require equipment or collections of items which can cause issues if space at home is limited.

Parkgate Self Storage can help you pursue the activities you enjoy by providing you with the space you need: allow your collection to grow, store your sporting equipment, or keep prized items safe and sound.

How can a storage unit help you get the most from your leisure time?

  • Store your sporting equipment with easy access wherever you want it. Bikes, exercise equipment, canoes... we can store it.
  • Store garden equipment, barbeques, lawnmowers and tools over the winter, and reclaim your garage or shed.
  • Large collections of almost anything can be safely stored and displayed in your own personal container. Models, trophies, antiques... whatever you're into!