Parkgate Self Storage offers a wide range of boxes and packaging materials, which are available from our store in Hetton.

We sell cardboard boxes in a range of sizes, as well as tape, bubble wrap, and other accessories.

Foam Corners

Foam Picture / Mirror Corners £3.00

Sofa Cover

Sofa Cover £3.50

Armchair Cover

Armchair Cover £3.50

Single Mattress Cover

Single Mattress Cover £3.00

King Mattress Cover

King Mattress Cover £4.00

Grip Gloves

Super Grip Gloves £2.00

Utility Knife

Utility Knife £2.00

Marker Pen

Marker Pen £1.50

Small Box

Small Boxes £7.00

Medium Box

Medium Boxes £10.00

Large Box

Large Boxes £15.00

Bubble Wrap

Bubble Wrap £10.00

Combination Lock

Combination Padlock £10.00

Padlock 40mm

Steel Padlock 40mm £4.90

Padlock 50mm

Steel Padlock 50mm £6.50