Self Storage Sunderland

The Parkgate Self Storage facility, with storage units near Sunderland, is clean, affordable and secure 24/7. Parkgate is based away from the heavy traffic of the city centre, and serves the population of Sunderland from its modern, accessible storage facility in Hetton-le-Hole. The town of Hetton-le-Hole lies on the southern edge of the City of Sunderland authority. Small businesses, craftspeople, artists, sports enthusiasts, and those who are developing their homes, have all been choosing to buy themselves space to grow with Parkgate Self Storage units.

Why should you choose Parkgate Self Storage in Sunderland?

All our self storage units are clean and secure with free insurance, 24/7 CCTV, and your own personal lock. Only you have access! Read about our incredible value and other benefits, or see what our customers think.

Sunderland may have moved on from its world-class shipbuilding and mining roots, but it has adapted to become a leading light in the creative and technical industries.  Thanks to this entrepreneurial spirit, a resurgence of local crafts, and renewed focus on our communities, there is also host of local and community ventures which serve the city and its surrounding area,

From photography clubs, dance groups, sports teams, car enthusiasts, campers and caravan owners, crafters and bakers, Sunderland has it all. There's never been more opportunity to do the things you love, or even start your own business.

Hobbyists and professionals hire our self storage units in Sunderland to avoid costly overheads of commercial units and to keep their home-life tidy and calm. Renting a self storage unit is an investment in the things that make you money, make you happy, and sometimes just keep you sane!

Near the old colliery site, Hetton Lyons Country Park, we are on the doorstep of businesses and individuals in the immediate area and local villages, but also in an accessible, quiet and pleasant spot for those for whom the expense and traffic of city centre life are more the norm.

We occupy a site on the grounds of a longstanding family business, North East Truck Spares.

Visit our self storage facility near Sunderland to find out how we can help you make space for your hobby, expand your business, or simply manage your possessions. You can even inspect our facility and ask us for advice on what would suit you best. Contact us today and start enjoying some extra space in your life, thanks to our cheap self storage units in Sunderland!